Jonathan Steinberg

District 2

Full colour map of District 2 as well as detailed unit maps, ACBL Goodwill Committee members, Junior Player Policy, and World Youth Team Championship.

D2 Detailed Unit Maps

All maps originally created by Rich Luttrell. 

ACBL Goodwill Committee
District 2

The ACBL Goodwill Committtee recognizes members who promote the best in bridge – they ENJOY the game and their infectious goodwill is of benefit to all of us. Once appointed to the Goodwill Committee, you remain a permanent member for life.

Practicing the goodwill ethics we encourage, particularly at our local clubs, does more to promote duplicate bridge than any other incentive. Being around friendly, caring individuals is a pleasure. Let’s all practice goodwill and have FUN at the bridge table.

At every North American Bridge Championship, Mondays are “Goodwill Days”. Every bridge player receives a little goodwill souvenir and between sessions, there is a nice reception and meeting for all ACBL Goodwill Committee members in attendance.

The following are the list of District 2 members of the ACBL Goodwill Committee and the year they were appointed:

Marielle Brentnall, Winnipeg
David Cohen, Thornhill
Jerry Cohen, Winnipeg

Bryce Johnston, Barrie
Carl Querbach, Windsor
John Rayner, Oakville
Nick Wong, Markham

Marja Hutchinson, Peterborough
Louise McNeely, Misissauga
Paul Thurston, St. Catharines

Martin Hunter, Mississauga
Thomas Kinnear, Innisfil
Daniel Korbel, Waterloo
Ivy Steinberg, Cedar Valley

Fred Andreychuk, St. Catharines
Patti Lee, Toronto
Steve Mackay, Markham

Mark Liberman, Don Mills
Bob Todd, Winnipeg
Hazel Wolpert, Thornhill

Debbie Bennett, Scarborough, ON
Dale Freeman, Englehart, ON
Brenda Geden, North Bay, ON
Marilyn Kalbfleisch, Orillia, ON

Bob Augustine, Toronto, ON
Florence Belford, Milton, ON
Sheena Rayner, Bermuda

Special 2001 Toronto NABC Goodwill Committee Inductees:
Craig Barkhouse, Barrie, ON
Susan Harbour, West Hill, ON
Josh Heller, Toronto, ON

Allen Smith, Peterborough, ON
Marion Watson, Mississauga, ON

John Armstrong, Etobicoke, ON
Elizabeth Brawn, London, ON
Ina Demme, Toronto, ON

Penny Augustine, Toronto, ON
Joycelyn Dundas, Cambridge, ON
Gregory Sweeney, Bowmanville, ON

Anne Marie Crabbe, London, ON
Richard Fokes, Komoka, ON

Ruth Hopson, Sault St. Marie, ON
Hans Jacobs, Aurora, ON

Maureen Culp, Pickering, ON
Enid Roitman, Toronto, ON

Ken Cressman, Thunder Bay, ON
Shelagh Paulsson, Toronto, ON

Jack Rhind, Bermuda
Shirley Galler, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Ian C. Harvey, Bermuda
Peter Mott, Oshawa, ON

Irene Warner, Toronto, ON
Art Pezzutto, Sault St. Marie, ON
Joan Richardson, Scarborough, ON
Joe Sauro, North Bay, ON

Charlotte St. Amant, Trenton, ON
Pat Simpson, Clearwater, ON
Gerry Browning, Plainfield, ON

Pam Cathrae, Belleville, ON
Danny Schamehorn, Orillia, ON
Jack McFadden, Orangeville, ON

Katie Thorpe, Toronto, ON
Bill Coats, Waterloo, ON
Rita Loadman, Winnipeg, ON
Dianne McCandless, Thunder Bay, ON

District Two Junior Player Policy